Transact in multiple currencies with a Cornerstone Account

At Cornerstone, we take the hassle out of international payments and foreign currency management.

Fully regulated
banking alternative

Multi-currency accounts for businesses

City of London
based PLC

An account for businesses that works across international borders

Whether you’re paying suppliers in Singapore, selling products in Milan or paying your staff in New York, a Cornerstone Account lets you easily transact in over 25 key currencies, right from your desk in the UK. What’s more it’s free to sign up for and comes with no obligations to make a transaction.

A bespoke trading service for private individuals delivered by our team in the City of London

Are you making a one-off or occasional transaction of over £20,000? Then you can benefit from our bespoke trading service which specialises in single or infrequent large international payments. Our team will get you a bank beating rate* and give you end-to-end personal support over the phone, giving you the confidence to know that your money will reach its final destination safely & securely.

Not just based in the United Kingdom…

Cornerstone Asia

Cornerstone has a dedicated team of specialists who can help you navigate the complex process of making large international payments between Asia and the UK.

Cornerstone UAE

Our office in Dubai is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex process of making large international payments to the United Arab Emirates.

Partner with us at Cornerstone

Whether you’re looking for a new platform to power your own FX business or for a ‘refer and earn’ type scheme to expand your product offering, at Cornerstone we have multiple partnerships that can meet your needs.

We are experts in International Business & Foreign Currencies

Knowledge Hub

Cornerstone’s Knowledge Hub is filled with articles, insights, country and currency profiles plus a range of other information relating to foreign currencies and international business.

Safety & Security

You can trust that your money is in safe hands with us. We use bank grade security on your account and segregate your funds. You can find out how we do this is more detail by clicking below.

Our Story

We’ve been helping clients with their international payments since the year 2010. Take a look at a timeline of our company’s development and see how we’ve grown over the years.

Meet the Team

Cornerstone has a team of subject matter experts who are genuinely passionate about making it easier for companies to do business across borders. You can meet the team by clicking below.

Read the latest news, insights and articles from the Cornerstone Team

Kroner currencies around the world

Krone/Kroner/Krona is a Nordic translation of the Latin word ‘Corona’ which means Crown. This has been the name for multiple historic currencies in Scandinavia.  Currently, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

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