Cornerstone's Mission

Everyone in the Cornerstone team is dedicated and passionate about our shared mission of making it easier to do business across borders.

We're on a mission to make it easier to do business across borders

A note from our CEO James Hickman

We know international payments can be complex. Getting them 100% right, 100% of the time is crucial for any business’s growth, development and ultimately success. Big corporates have access to a wealth of premium technology that makes this process simpler and quicker. However, until now, this type of financial technology has been out of reach for most other businesses. At Cornerstone, we’re on a mission to change this and democratise the international payments process.

We therefore designed and developed our own in-house platform that now offers these types of premium solutions to smaller companies.

A Cornerstone Online Account makes it easier, quicker and cheaper for companies to do business across borders.

Never standing still…

When it comes to foreign exchange and international payments, you’ve got lots of choice in providers.

Most companies however are focused on individuals and private clients. Business accounts are often an afterthought.

We created Cornerstone’s Online Account to be a modern toolkit for businesses to manage your international payments and foreign currency requirements, all under one roof.

Companies are our priority, it’s our mission to make it easier for you to do business across borders.

As the corporate landscape doesn’t stand still, neither do we. We’re continuing to innovate along side you to develop our services to anticipate your future needs.

Fit for the 21st century…

Cornerstone are not a traditional finance company.

We’re a modern, forward-looking business that is proud of our diversity and the insight it brings.

We don’t just speak English for example, we speak many different languages from Mandarin to Italian.

We also have several different nationalities and come from a range of different backgrounds.

Together we’re creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that delivers for both our clients and our employees.

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