Cornerstone’s story

The Cornerstone of today has been twelve years in the making. We started small, we aimed big and whilst we’re proud of where we are today, we’ve got even more bold developments to come in the near future.

Our company begins 12 years ago

Cornerstone started out life in 2010 as PlutusFX LTD, which would later become FXPress and then Cornerstone Payment Solutions.

Over time the key people in the business believed that there had to be a better, more efficient way to handle financial foreign exchange transactions. They therefore started the process of building in house a new technology platform for foreign exchange payments.

The year 2010...

The first iteration of our proprietary tech is released

The company released internally its first version of what has gone on to become today’s Cornerstone Online Account and Back-Office Platform.

Spring 2012

Our platform begins being sold as a White Label Solution

Now renamed FXPress Payment Services, the company began to offer the platform as a white label product to other FX companies.

Summer 2016

A new era begins

The company begins the next stage of its growth acquiring a number of key competitors and starting the journey to become both an EMI and joining the London Stock Exchange.

The year 2020...

Cornerstone becomes a PLC

Cornerstone FS PLC is launched on the London Stock Exchange on the AIM listing and ticker CSFS.

April 2021

Our new Asia team starts work

Though an acqui-hire process we brought aboard the new Asia team.

August 2021

Our EMI licence is granted by the FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority grants us a new license to become an Electronic Money Institution.

Also in August 2021 (it was a big month..)

Our UAE office is opened

Our office in Dubai is opened.

September 2021

Capital Currencies LTD is acquired

We formally acquire Capital Currencies LTD and bring them into the Cornerstone family.

January 2022

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