Just what exactly is a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)?

You’ve heard of Bitcoin, but what about … Bank of England Coin? As finance continues to digitise, one of the few things that have stayed the same has been the use of cash. Although many of us use digital tools to manage our finances, cash is still a central part of a country’s financial life. […]

Who is next to join the European Union?

The European Union hasn’t finished expanding, there are actually several countries who are in the process of joining right now! Any country who joins is legally obliged via EU treaty to replace their own domestic currency with the Euro. Following recent news that both Ukraine and Moldova were granted ‘EU candidate status’ we’ll take a […]

Are Hong Kong and Singapore still ‘Gateways to Asia?’

It seems remarkable now to think that the opening up of Asia to Western businesses is a relatively new phenomenon. Until recently many Asian countries were either fully closed or heavily restricted to European and American companies. Free-market economics and capitalist ideas were in many cases outrightly rejected or at best viewed with deep suspicion. […]

Which other countries use the US Dollar as their currency?

The US Dollar is the world’s major reserve currency. It is estimated that over 55% of all currency held in reserve by Central Banks is in USD. Given the strength of the US Dollar, it is unsurprising that some countries actually use the currency of the USA as their own domestic currency. Not including territories […]

Which are the world’s major reserve currencies?

A reserve currency is one that is held in large numbers by a foreign country’s central bank or monetary authority. Reserve currencies are held for a number of reasons including: To minimise exchange rate risks To sure up the domestic currency To make complex international payments between countries To help, support and facilitate global trade […]

Hyperinflation is still happening in the 21st century

When you hear the word ‘Hyperinflation’ you probably think about that history lesson you had in school, the one about Germany between the wars where a wheelbarrow full of cash was needed to buy a loaf of bread. The one that included The Wall Street Crash and brownshirt Nazi thugs beating people up in the […]

Why Monday’s Tory leadership vote could signal trouble for the UK’s markets.

If there is one thing that markets hate, it’s instability. If they know change is coming, even if it’s potentially radical, it can be factored in, accounted for and the potential storm can be weathered. A surprise however is never welcome. On Monday, the UK Prime Minister won a vote of confidence from his party, […]

EU Commission formally declares Croatia is ready for the Euro

The Commission of the European Union declared over the weekend that Croatia has formally met all the convergence criteria required to adopt the Euro. This means that the country in the eyes of the Commission the country has: 1) Low inflation rates, 2) No excessive government deficit3) Existing currency pegged to the Euro for two […]

Platinum Jubilee Special: The Queen’s portrait on the world’s currencies

In honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this week, we thought we’d take a look at which other countries (besides the UK) feature portraits of Her Majesty the Queen on their currency, both coins and banknotes. To begin with let’s remind ourselves of the countries where the Queen is the Head of State. Besides […]

The new Australian Government and the AUD

On Saturday, Australians went to the polls and for the first time 10 years changed their Government. On Sunday then PM and Liberal Party leader Scott Morrison acknowledged defeat and on Monday the Labor leader Anthony Albanese was sworn into office as Australia’s new Prime Minister. He pretty much straight away flew to Japan (pictured […]