International Payments

International Payments powered by the Cornerstone Global Payments Network

Whether you’re a business settling invoices with suppliers in Singapore, or an individual buying a property in Milan, our international payment services empower you to effortlessly conduct transactions across the globe.

The Cornerstone Global Payments Network was built to connect our customers to transaction capabilities across the globe:


jurisdictions which your company can be based in


countries you can send funds to


key currencies available to trade in

As well as coverage across the globe our International Payment Solutions also deliver clients:

Excellent Exchange Rates

Unlike banks, we’re a lean and agile company that simply doesn’t need to charge the same fees or percentages to be profitable. We’re also able to access the currency markets directly.

Manage your Currency risk

If the exchange rate is good now but you’re not quite ready to change currencies, you can use forward trades to lock in a transaction at the current rate and then complete it later when you’re ready to convert. You can easily see the live exchange rates in your Cornerstone Online Account.

Our International Payments Service is supported by our team of dedicated currency experts

Our team in the City of London is at the end of the phone to offer guidance on the FX markets and throughout the transaction process. Our personal and professional service means that you have support every step of the way.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help with your international payment and currency management requirements