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This tiny European nation of just 181 sq miles is situated in the mountains between Spain and France

It’s not technically in the EU but uses the Euro as a currency.

Many businesses are registered here as it’s well known for its low tax, and business-friendly policies.

UK Imports from Andorra

Total Value:

£5 million / 0.01% of all UK Imports

Top imports are Road Vehicles.

UK Exports to Andorra

Total Value:

£2 million / 0.01% of all UK Exports

Top exports are Beverages.

Key Facts about
🇦🇩 Andorra:

Local Business Group:

Andorra Business

How we can help you do business in Andorra

London based team

Cornerstone has a dedicated team based in London serving businesses across Europe

Transact in EUR

With a Cornerstone account you can transact in over 25 key currencies including GBP & EUR

Andorran Companies

Companies registered in Andorra and over 70 other jurisdictions can open an account

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