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Somewhat overshadowed by their fellow German speaking neighbour, Austria remains a great place for trade.

Britain imports more Austrian goods than it does Australian!

Austria has a highly educated workforce and benefits from being situated right in the centre of Europe.

UK Imports from Austria

Total Value:

£3.3billion / 0.7% of all UK Imports

Top 5 Imports are:

  1. Cars
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. Electrical Goods
  4. Specialised Machinery
  5. Industrial Machinery

UK Exports to Austria

Total Value:

£1.5billion / 0.5% of all UK Exports

Top 5 Exports are:

  1. Cars
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. Non-ferrous Metals
  4. Specialised Machinery
  5. Scientific Instruments

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Local UK Business Group:

Austro British Chamber

+43 699 1105 1731

Grünangergasse 2 / 17a, A-1010 Vienna

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