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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the largest economy in the Arab world.

Its wealth is fuelled by oil which has led many to call it an ‘energy superpower.

Like many of its oil-rich neighbours, the country is looking to diversify the economy and therefore offers many opportunities for international business.

UK Imports from Saudi Arabia

Total Value:

£1.7billion / 0.37%% of all UK Imports

Top 5 Imports are:

  1. Refined Oil
  2. Power Generators
  3. Ships
  4. Plastics
  5. Scientific Instruments

UK Exports to Saudi Arabia

Total Value:

£3.4 billion / 0.95% of all UK Exports

Top 5 Exports are:

  1. Power Generators
  2. Jewellery
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Scientific Instruments
  5. Metal Manufactures

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🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia:

Local UK Business Group:

Saudi British Joint Business Council


c/o Council of Saudi Chambers, King Fahad Branch Rd, Al Mutamarat, Riyadh 12711

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