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South Africa

The UK and South Africa have long and historic ties.

UK trade ships have been stopping off at the Cape for hundreds of years.

With a Free Trade Deal in place, high levels of English spoken and a well-educated workforce, South Africa is a great destination for UK businesses expanding abroad.

UK Imports from South Africa

Total Value:

£6.6 billion / 1.39% of all UK Imports

Top 5 Imports are:

  1. Non-ferrous Metals
  2. Unspecified Goods
  3. Vegetables & Fruit
  4. Road Vehicles
  5. Metal Ores & Scrap

UK Exports to South Africa

Total Value:

£1.6 billion / 0.50% of all UK Exports

Top 5 Exports are:

  1. Miscellaneous Electrical Goods
  2. Refined Oil
  3. Beverages
  4. Cars
  5. Specialised Machinery

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🇿🇦 South Africa:

Local UK Business Group:

British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa

Tel: +27 (0)10 245 4788

15 Alice Lane, Sandton, 2196

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