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Sitting astride both Europe and Asia, Turkey has always been a pivotal destination for trade and international business.

A hefty amount of UK imports come from Turkey, which is well known for its high-quality yet cost effective manufacturing sector.

UK Imports from Turkey

Total Value:

£10.7 billion / 2.26% of all UK Imports

Top 5 Imports are:

  1. Road Vehicles
  2. Clothing
  3. Cars
  4. Electrical Goods
  5. Misc Goods

UK Exports to Turkey

Total Value:

£4.8billion / 1.51% of all UK Exports

Top 5 Exports are:

  1. Power Generators
  2. Metal Ores & Scrap
  3. Cars
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Industrial Machinery

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British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey

Süzer Plaza – Harbiye Mh. Asker Ocağı Cd. No. 6 / S1 Şişli – 34367  İstanbul – Turkey

Phone: +90 (212) 249 04 20

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