Multicurrency Accounts

The Multi - Currency Account built for International Payments

Whether you’re a business looking to hold funds in multiple currencies or an individual looking to open a virtual IBAN account, our products can help you manage, maintain, and distribute funds in up to 37 currencies in over 165 countries.

See the Cornerstone Online Account in action

Providing businesses and individuals with access to Multi Currency Accounts backed by the Cornerstone Global Payments Network

Hold funds in over 37 currencies

Opening a Cornerstone Online Account gives you access to keep funds in 37 currencies in one single account without any additional cost.

Individual IBANs in your name

Establish credibility with your own named IBANs and account details.

Receive Overseas payments directly

You can get paid directly into your own named account from overseas in over 37 currencies from over 140 countries

Safe, Secure and Trusted

We are a City of London based PLC and are authorised and regulated by the FCA. As an Electronic Money Institution, we adhere stringently to financial services regulations.

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