The business account that works across international borders…

Whether you’re paying suppliers in Singapore, selling products in Milan or paying your staff in New York, a Cornerstone Online Account lets you easily transact in over 25 key currencies, right from your desk in the UK.

A Cornerstone Online Account is free to sign up for with no obligations.

Take a look below to see what our account features include…

Bank beating exchange rates*

With a Cornerstone Online Account, you’ll get a much better exchange rate than if you use a High Street Bank. Unlike banks, we’re a lean and agile company that simply doesn’t need to charge the same fees or percentages to be profitable. We’re also able to access the currency markets directly.

Individual IBANs in your name

When you sign up for a Cornerstone Online Account you’ll be assigned your own named IBANs. This helps you to establish further credibility with your own customers and suppliers. If your company needs multiple accounts, you can see all your IBANs, balances and details under one single login.

Receive overseas payments directly

With a Cornerstone Online Account, you can get paid directly into your own named account from overseas in over 25 major currencies, all without having to pay the high conversion and recipient fees associated with a bank.

Manage your Currency risk

If the exchange rate is good now but you’re not quite ready to change currencies, you can use forward trades to lock in a transaction at the current rate and then complete it later when you’re ready to convert. You can easily see the live exchange rates in your Cornerstone Online Account.

Bank grade security on your account

Unlike a bank, Cornerstone cannot use your money to fund our own business or lend to other customers. We’re fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and protect your Cornerstone account with bank-grade security. You will have peace of mind that your money is in safe hands when you use a Cornerstone Online Account.

Further integrations coming soon…

We’re always developing our account functionality to further meet your needs. Right now we’re using the Open Banking Initiative to create an integration between accounting software like Xero and your Cornerstone Online Account.

See the Cornerstone Online Account in action by watching our Demo Video.

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