Dinar currencies around the world

The Dinar is the name of a number of currencies, mainly in the Arab world. It is derived from the Latin word ‘Denarius’ which was the name of an ancient Roman coin.  Many ancient Islamic nations used a form of Dinar, with the most famous being the Gold Dinar used by the Umayyad Empire in […]

Currency Unions outside of Europe

When you hear the term ‘Currency Union’ you probably think: Euro. Most people would. It’s by far the most high profile and successful monetary union. However what surprises many people is the fact that: a) it’s not the only one currently in existence and; b) it’s not the first one either. In fact there are […]

Cornerstone expands to Middle East

New General Manager APAC and Middle East, Robert O’Brien, appointed to lead our new Dubai office. Cornerstone FS plc (AIM: CSFS), the cloud-based provider of international payment, currency risk management and electronic account services to SMEs, announces that it has expanded into the Middle East with the opening of an office in Dubai. The new […]