Kroner currencies around the world

Krone/Kroner/Krona is a Nordic translation of the Latin word ‘Corona’ which means Crown. This has been the name for multiple historic currencies in Scandinavia.  Currently, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland all use a form of this word as their currencies name. There is also a variation, Koruna, which is the name of the currency of the Czech Republic. Below we’ll […]

Which country will join the Euro next?

The Euro has come a long way since the first 11 countries joined the club on the 1st January 2001. The last new country to join was Lithuania who gave up the Litas at the start of 2015. All EU member states except Denmark are required to adopt the Euro as part of their membership […]

Plastic money is in and small change is out!

How we use money is always changing… From bartering to using coins, writing cheques, introducing banknotes, ending the gold standard….the way society uses money has always been evolving. History is dotted with turning points where the key method of making payments has changed. Right now we are once again at one of those key moments […]