Dollar currencies around the world

When you think of a Dollar, you probably think about the USA. Upon independence, the US Congress established the US Mint and declared the Dollar as the national currency in 1792. The Dollar is not an English term though, it’s actually the anglicised version of the German word ‘Thaler’ which was a coin first issued in […]

Are Hong Kong and Singapore still ‘Gateways to Asia?’

It seems remarkable now to think that the opening up of Asia to Western businesses is a relatively new phenomenon. Until recently many Asian countries were either fully closed or heavily restricted to European and American companies. Free-market economics and capitalist ideas were in many cases outrightly rejected or at best viewed with deep suspicion. […]

Cornerstone establishes Asia team

New team appointed to leverage increasing foreign investment from Asia in UK and to grow direct business Cornerstone FS plc (AIM: CSFS), the cloud-based provider of international payment, currency risk management and electronic account services to SMEs, announces that it has appointed a new team to market the Group’s services to businesses located in Asia, […]